Parks and Recreation - Season 6 Gag Reel





"I guess the only tip that I have is to continue to be proud, of yourself and your skin color and your tone." [x]

Lupita Nyong’o on ‘Actresses Roundtable Full Interview’ (x)


This projection mapped video is not only a technical achievement but a abundant source of great joy.


The Original Electric Lady


The Original Electric Lady


so i just met stephanie beatriz and chatted to her about the ladies on the show bc this is ALL I CARE ABOUT and then i mentioned headcanoning rosa as queer and she was like ‘yeah totally i think rosa goes and gets what she wants and isn’t bothered by things like gender’

i cried

Parks and Recreation Characters & Myers-Briggs Types (based on this)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Photocast

Ooh, shock it, break it, baby
Electric Lady, Electric Lady (x)


FRIENDLY REMINDER that walking on grass is the same as physically assaulting a human being!!! :) grass is a plant and therefore has life and feelings and should be treated with dignity and respect!!! :) also it is an EXTREME personal and cultural slight to those who identify as grasskin or other plantkin!!! if i ever see one of you in person and you’re walking on grass you will be unfollowed blocked and deleted from the internet!!! :) uwu :)))